Our Story

Our story begins in 2013 when Rojin’s husband was imprisoned for murdering 3 of his relatives.  She was relocated to Istanbul with her 6 kids to avoid blood feud.  As she tried to rebuild her life with her unique crochet work which was the only thing she could do at home, our paths has crossed, and our project, initially started as a nonprofit platform to market handmade goods by women who cannot work outside of their homes.  After 2 years there were more women in need, expressing their desires to work with us.  Thus in 2015 Turquoise Tassel was born and in a very short time became and internationally known brand with its high quality, easy to use, stylish hand made accessories.

Our goal goes beyond providing women with income and helping them to achieve their freedom.  We aim to help them discover their incredible talents and potential through creating one-of-a-kind special handmade products, expressing their ideas and setting an example to their children and those around them.  In this context, Turquoise Tassel serves as a bridge of happiness, connecting talented women to stylish women who appreciate and value their work.

As a fact due to the influence of dowry culture in this geography, women are very much used to doing embroidery while chatting, watching tv, making a living through this was an amazing surprise and had a great impact on them and their families lives.

We have no limits in choosing material ,knitting needles, crochet hooks, looms, traditional techniques, kutnu, ikat, cotton fabrics of all kinds, fishing nets, truck covers are turned to versatile art material that are special, practical, durable and timeless through the hands of our supertalented women.

Our aim is to direct the income generated from this Project to support education of women and families to create better tomorrows.

We thank you for joining our journey.

Turquoise Tassel Gallery