About Us

Our story begins in 2013 when Rojin’s husband gets involved in a murder and is imprisoned, because of which she relocates to Istanbul with her six children to avoid a blood feud. While trying to build a life with her unique crochet work, our paths intersect, and our project of creating handmade products as a non-profit evolves into an internationally recognized brand called Turquoise Tassel, as the number of women in need of a job increases. It becomes a project of hope and pride for women.

Our goal is not only to provide women with income and help them achieve their freedom but also to help them discover their incredible talents and express their ideas, enabling them to set an example for their children and those around them by creating beautiful and special products. In this context, Turquoise Tassel becomes a bridge of happiness that connects talented women who produce the brand and stylish people around the world who appreciate and use these unique products.

Our talented women, influenced by the dowry culture developed in our region, create wonders with knitting needles, crochet hooks, and weaving looms, combining various materials such as silk kutnu, ikat fabrics, raw canvas, truck tarps, and fishing nets to transform them into versatile and timeless accessories.

Our aim is to direct the income generated from this project towards children and family education, in order to reach livable futures hand in hand.

Thank you for sharing our journey and happiness.